The Brink Co-Star HBO
Bosch Co-Star AMAZON
Dexter Recurring SHOWTIME
Arsenio Hall Show Co-Star CBS


The Superman Supporting AFI
A Dinner Party Lead Rosebud Production
K.C. Supporting Dir. Vivian Domiguez

*Further list of independent films upon request

*Commercials & print credits available upon request


After The Fall Maggie (Lead)
Producer's Club NYC
Alan Langdon Dir. Read Review
The Vagina Monologues Woman (Lead) Arthur Seleen Theatre/ NYC/Adam Roebuck Dir.
The Seagull Nina (Lead) Circle in the Square, PW, NYC
Measure for Measure Isabella (Lead) Circle in the Square, PW, NYC
Musical Cabaret Featured Soloist Circle in the Square, PW, NYC


A graduate of Circle In The Square Theatre School NYC two year program for actors:
Acting Technique: Terese Hayden, Jatcqueline Brookes
Scene Study: Alan Langdon, Maria Tucci, John Stix
Shakespeare Classical Text: Edward Berkeley, John Bolger
Physical Acting, Clowning, Mask: Moni & Mina Yakim, Jonah Emsig
Dialects: K.C. Ligon
Speech: Leigh Dillion
Voice: Dr. Lucile Rubin, Andre Haring
Dance: Larry Crabtree, Albert Stephenson
Stage Combat: B.H. Barry
Alexander: Daniel Singer


Advanced: Excellent dialect skills including in depth knowledge of phonetic alphabet. Especially good at Russian, French & Middle Eastern. Military Training. Swimming. Hiking. Yoga. Pilates.
Intermediate:             Singing (Alto). Tennis, Stage Combat. Any dialect with ample notice.
Basic: Krav Maga (martial art). Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Ballroom), Improv & Sketch.